JRuby Mahout is a gem that unleashes the power of Apache Mahout in the world of JRuby. Mahout is a superior machine learning library written in Java. It deals with recommendations, clustering and classification machine learning problems at scale. Until now it was difficult to use it in Ruby projects. You’d have to implement Java interfaces in JRuby yourself, which is not quick especially if you just started exploring the world of machine learning.

The goal of this gem is to make machine learning at scale in JRuby projects simple.

This is an early version of the JRuby gem that only supports Mahout recommendations. It also includes a simple Postgres manager that can be used to manage appropriate recommendations tables. It’s easy to start the machine learning journey with Ruby:

gem install jruby_mahout

Visit the project on GitHub for more information and stay tuned for more tutorials by following me on Twitter or GitHub.

Check out this introductory article on how to build a simple recommendation engine with JRuby Mahout.